Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Not always being a huge fan of Paris some may think I am snob, but it was, WAS the truth. I fell in love this month while being there during fashion week. We took AGAIN to show at Capsule Paris and walked away with an inspiration supply for a lifetime. Courtney and I did not miss a thing, we were on a mission to see everything and everyone jsut as a tourist should, no shame camera around the neck and backpack on. 

I was so lucky to experience the Barbara Bui show which was filled with light denim, textured textiles and hot shorts. Check out more here.

another post will follow with my "UnTouristy" photos soon! In the meantime here is a list of places I loved:
Kiliwatch (vintage)
Acne (Amazing Paris Location)
Mama Shelter
Candelaria (Very French)
La Briciola
Silencio (David Lynch's Club)
Merci (Brunch)
L' Avenue