Thursday, October 24, 2013

Touchdown London Town

 The Last of my Europe trip! I wont bore you with all the photos as I was in London as a total tourist. My mom had me on a crazy goose hunt to go places where my brother Paul had once visited. This was a great way for me to see everything cheesy. I am sorry for the lack of photos I was alone for most of the excursions!

I had the pleasure to stay at the Ace hotel in Shortich that just opened. I loved it, sometimes when you are traveling alone to a place you have never been a place that is somewhat familiar is nice. London was amazing. I thought it was a lot like New York but cleaner, more expensive, less late night clubs, oh and the people talk cuter. The vintage shopping was similar to LA, so i didn't get much until I was directed to this treasure island of amazing "Glastonbury esk" vintage store that I cant quite tell you because I know all you guys will hog it! But I can share a few places that I loved:

Hostem (Right by the ace really beautiful store)
Albion (Cafe right by Ace)
Casa Negra (Amazing Mexican Food)
Charlotte Street Hotel (Cute Restaurant on cute street)
Polpo (Wine and Tapas)
Victoria+ Albert Museum
Tom's Kitchen (Amazing food Any Meal)
Some instagram's from the whole trip

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