Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Time Livinz E Z

Thrifted Jacket/ Again Tank/ H&M Shorts/ Cut tights from Target

Some pics taken a couple weeks ago. Times have been crazy around here! I am missing my pup, and watching all the flowers die in my room doesn't help :( Sometimes I think she is going to come back. I am going to bury all her stuff this week like the Egyptians do so she has it all up there. In times like these it is good to find an outlet, and mine has been drowning myself in work. I am so excited to tell you we have moved offices into downtown. Creative space is so important and we found ours! I look forward to sharing pics later!


ediot said...

hi darling.
you look great, i'd like a pair of sequin short like that, so fun

Anja said...

omg i love you outfit so much is so nice and sexy!you loking gret!

i follow you!check out my blog ;)

xo anja

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Alicia said...

You have such a great style girl! These shorts are fab & I love the styling! I also like you maxi dress from the last posts & lots of other items I've seen in your posts! Definitely following!
Thanks for your sweet comment & have a great weekend!
Alicia Mi Mundo