Monday, June 13, 2011

Today is Here

 A few photos from the past couple weeks. All of my time has been consumed in building AGAIN. We recently moved downtown, and it feels so good. We are constantly surrounded by creatives, hot dogs, fabric, loud noises, and overall inspiration. I am working on producing our fall collection (I am so excited to share the lookbook with you at the end of this month!), selling Holiday, and designing spring. The photo above is a couple dresses I have accumulated for Spring inspiration. I am excited to design soft, girly, light spring pieces!


Théa Unknown said...

So lovely post and photographies!

Théa Unknown

Afternoon Deelight said...

Lovely collection of images. The first two are my favourite! I've loved traipsing back through your blog posts.

Em x

letizia said...

lucky you! I wanna live there too! and your pictures are beautiful. it inspires me!

AL. said...

adore your dress!