Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentino Beauty

 I love the beauty portion of the Valentino collection. The cloths themselves were very plain, light and airy, great spring pieces that everyone needs to own in order to throw on before heading to the market, or walking through the garden right? While writing this post I sent my friend Colby an image and he suggested to mix Mac's Sushi flower with Brown Script to get the look. 
 Anyways I want to wear that make-up, the beige dress and lay in the bed:


The Man from Amsterdam said...

Love it!

Marissa said...

the collection is so romantic...the last dress is my favorite!


lavel said...

i love this beige <3

Cecilia said...

I do like your sense of fashion!
Valentino Spring is just the top
follow you


the whole collection is beyond beautiful, this + elie saab's were my favourites:)