Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Anzevino And Florence dress, jacket from Opening Ceremony/  Weekdays tights (from Sweden)/ Rock & Republic wedge, Chanel globe, and Alexis Bittar Ring

Anyone that knows me know that I love a good reaction. I don't know why people didn't think this was regular museum wear.... I mean the manikins were wearing way bigger ones and the information said that they would go out to 6' sometimes. Moral of the story is that I love being and expressing myself everywhere. I wish more people would. Lets liven this place up!♡


Nate Vormehr said...

Well said. People are too boring.

Giuli Kakoulli said...

I love what you're wearing!!! It's so unique and artistic and bold!!

I love you're style so I'm following you!
Stop by sometime dear!xx

Shanah said...

I love your wedges :) Nice dress by the way!

Dolly_Blondy said...

Lady Gaga style, I loooove it so much! Gorgeous.


Marloes. said...

You lok gorgeous! I love the shoes. Beautiful!!

EBoogie said...

work it girl! i wish i had your confidence, because i agree...we could all use a shakeup around here :)

kiakiakiakia said...

Love the dress, the rings and the shoes!

kiakiakiakia said...

Love the dress, the rings and the shoes!

Elettra said...

I'm totally in love with your dress! It's amazing!Thanks for your comment, and believe me, YOU DESERVE MUCH MORE COMMENTS! Deinitely gonna follow you!

StyleMeBAD said...

DOPE! This look is so BAD ass! Props to you for making a statement. :)

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