Monday, January 3, 2011

Bringing In O One One

 Happy New years for the Millionth time!
We brought the new year in at Gjelina on Abbot Kinney with a few friends, followed up by dancing the night away, random house party, and hide and scare Amber on the walk home through the walk streets of Venice. I sometimes hate Holidays like new years, birthdays, Halloween. I love to celebrate but I hate all the pressure of doing something. And if you don't do anything you feel like a bum, though you shouldn't, but all you go getters do. I likes the idea of a mellow dinner things always pan out if you surround yourself with the people you love, and if they cant make it... well they will.

This year was an eventful, tough year, but nothing good is easy. I know this one will not be smooth but rewarding. Setting goals and keeping them in the back of my mind I am going to make the best of 2011! Sappy I know! 


Anonymous said...

Your photos are fabulous! And have i mentioned that DIVINE lip color?? Which kind do you use?

Very stylish chic darling, loved it.


The white cabbage said...

hooo! it seems as you had a good time!
i'm a new blogger ...come visit...and followe my blog!!
I'll do back


Violetta E. said...

fun pics :)

Parisienne. said...

Best wishes for the new year!!!
Thank you for visit my blog and for your kind words!
Lot of Love.

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