Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bring it in Right

 I have to say this is the first year that I feel completely satisfied with how it was brought in. Some friends and I and I decided to partake in a little staycation at the ACE hotel in Palm springs. Its always hard to get EVERYONE you love in the same room, but I am always grateful to be surrounded by a handful.We parked the cars, enjoyed the 85 degree weather surrounded by tiny bikinis danced, ate, and just enjoyed each others company. Looks like its going to be a good year. 
 Happy 2012
@pistolsnlipstik, @frenemyclothing


Anonymous said...

i really love that girls mexican blanket shirt!! its so great, where can i get it :P the leather yellow dress is pretty sick too. happy new year!


Hippie Fruit said...

Love the starry eyed jacket !!

Mel said...

The fuschia and purple fringe kimono, where is it from?! I am in love with it.

le pearl said...

I admit, I am super jealous!

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