Tuesday, December 3, 2013


 AGAIN basic JAWS crop (Here) and (here)/ AGAIN embossed RECLUSIVE Trouser/ Raf Simons Backpack/ HelterSkelter Metals (Here)/ Reike Nen Boots/ Chanel Lip

This has been my look lately, hence the lack of posts. Durning this time we are all expected to produce while the world slows down, so comfort is a must. Im obsessed with these pants, they are the same fit as the speckled ones posted previously but they have a subtle embossing, something I would like to call fancy pants not to mention they have a matching top to make the whole suit. I wear this crop at least twice a week, it has the comfort of a sweater but without the itch and mess, you can find it in AGAIN's "Essentials" section. Im sure you have seen it on either instagram!