Thursday, August 29, 2013


After three days, 4 months of preparation, two 113 degree weather and a fun team we generated the AGAIN SS14 look book in Palm Springs. Our Russian bombshell model (Rina Roe) would do anything even if it means burning her feet on the cement, climbing a hill in a long sleeve black dress to get the shot. Its always our goal to have fun at the look book shoots because you can always tell through the photos what the team had goin on. #Vibes



Joann Doan said...

Love this photo shoot! I discovered Wear Again at the W Hotel and I completely fell in love with it. Beautiful clothes!

xx -jo

Chow Apple said...

Pretty look! Xpickedone

Luce Hale said...

Pretty clothes! XDresstylish

tayarelwady said...
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