Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sandals Please

Being in LA makes weekend get aways easy as going to the grocery store. I am a #1 fan of going to hotels that are entertaining enough not to leave. Getting served by the pool, drinks by the bar, a mellow DJ wearing too many cloths for comport, and a nice cozy bed to head to are a couple of the things that are on the list. We went to Palm Springs for the 108 degree weather (the only thing that made me regret not being a sandal owner) this weekend to celebrate a friends birthday because the Ace, despite being a few steps up from a Vegas pool has all the the qualities that I was looking for, and they allow dogs, and have zebra gum in the mini bar. So after the hot weather, finding the cheesiest club in a strip mall, $12 floaties and a few tropical drinks later these photos some how ended up on my camera!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fabulously fun and relaxing weekend embracing summer! I love the photos!


Jaeger said...

this makes me wish for summer!




Love these fun photos!