Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hey Watchman What Are You Looking At

 Vintage Dress (Tokyo)/ Dr. Martin Boots/ Rik Villa Bag/ Ray Ban Sunglasses

I washed my sins away ate tons of noodles and loved every second of it.Always in good company with Chrstine, Eric and Arian!


Jaeger said...

lovely photos!


Gavriela said...

Great photos! Love the styling & the tattoos. Love your blog, want to follow each other? Following already with GFC hope you follow back!

xx Macie said...

the photos have such a lovely, nostalgic feel to them.

amen fashion, xo.

katieli said...

Ahh that last photo makes me miss Japan so much! it's a stunning photo. Japanese temples are so so beautiful.

aboshady said...

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