Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Unif Crochet Sweater/ Unif Denim Shorts/ Unif Hellseeker/ Ray Ban Sunglasses

So I have been a bit absent, and I am sorry but not sorry! I was so so so lucky to be able to tag along on a trip to Japan with Christine and Eric from Unif. Their stuff is so bright and comfortable I naturally wanted to be covered head to toe in it in order to try to fit in in Japan (I stuck out like soar thumb anyways). I cant begin to tell you how amazing it is here. Hitch- hike run, jump, swim, everyone should experience it once. the culture is so mysterious, there is always something to look at that will blow your mind, the food is incredible. As you can see I don't usually smile in a ton of photos but flipping through these I could barley keep the smile off my face there. More to come soon!