Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get Nudey

 UNIF dress/ American Apparel High Waist Suit/ American Rag Vintage Bandanna/ UNIF Hell Raiser Shoes
 After all the good food in Bali I cant believe I have bathing suit photos up, but I had to show some beach attire before the winter comes! Photos by Eric Espinoza.


prettystellar said...

that Unif dress is nuts. i love it. can't wait to see their new stuff!

CINDY NGO said...

you are crazy gorgeous!

jealous that you got to visit bali. it reminds me a little bit of home (thailand) ... loved all your wonderful photos from your trip!

& thank you, once again, for your too kind words. i'm so happy to have discovered your blog. :) following for sure!

cindy - design3rd

Maria said...

hahaa this is something not to wear in finland :D (too cold, if you missed the point)

Carolyn said...

those shoes are incredible! and i was supposed to visit bali this summer but didn't have time when i was in se asia. looks like a great time! will have to go back

Mate Vintage said...

Wow... that dress is insane!!

Love your blog!!!

Kelsey and Kayti

Fashion is a Playground said...

wow amazing!

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