Friday, July 15, 2011

A World Wind

Pictures from my favorite place on the trip Portofino Italy. Full of chic chateaus, beautiful statues, the most romantic hotel, and the inventor of the pesto!

The cafe in the Dior courtyard- St. Tropez

Chanel backyard- St. Tropez

 I just got back to L.A. from one of the most chic trips I have been on yet. It was full of adventure, sight seeing, much needed relaxation, discovery, laughter, and overall memories. Kayaking, jet skiing, motor scooters, banana boats, boat jumping, I practically ran an activity marathon. We started in Paris, got nice in Nice, ate Pesto in Portofino, got bossy in Monte Carlo, parted the waters in Corsica, and finally sprayed enough champagne to feed a small village in St. Tropez. I am so grateful for the opportunity to discover more about the world, myself, and friends, it is a knowledge no one can take from you. Traveling is like a drug, you only want to see and experience more. Ima itchin!


Maria said...

So glad I discovered your blog! Love all the pictures from this trip - beautiful!

- Maria, L.A.

Tayler said...

Scenery like that just takes my breath away. Gorgeous. wow. so jealous of your trip!!
<3 <3

annette said...

Just found and lusting your blog... you had me at Charles Anastase.. I have been daydreaming about those bad boys since they hit the runway last year...


Alicia said...

I love traveling too, I've been all over the place :) Another great post, wauw the food looks AMAZING!

The Devil said...

your look is so great!