Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Step At A Time

 Vintage Dress (Shareen's)/ Vintage Firemen Boots (Fairfax Flea market)/  Vintage bag (ebay)
I wanted to wear these shoes with this dress, but one is all I could find. At least my toes are killing it. I drive by this store on La Brea all the time and almost crash my car every time. This time I decided to stop, I wish this is what my backyard looked like.


Julie Khuu said...

Love that store...Dude stocks the best vintage set design stuff...Actually I love that entire block with all the antique finds...You look amazingly chic with that gorgeous dress and toughened boots...Equal parts pretty and edgy- Love it!


Haute Khuuture Blog

Collections said...

That dress is amazing!

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Laura said...

Gorgeous dress :) Sorry about the lost shoe... I lose stuff in my own room all the time lol, usually underneath the bed.

Plami said...

This dress is so beautiful!!!!


NLR said...

Love your dress and especially with those combat boots (or should I say boot)!
You look amazing, and nice setting :-)


ediot said...

these photos are amazing i love them .and i'd like the boot(+1) as well
hope you're having a good week

Lindsey Turner said...

I love this look! I'm all about mixtures of hard and soft.


Gina Michele said...

Amazing blog- I'm so glad I found it! You have a killer sense of style.

♥ Gina Michele

DJ Amber said...

boo in one shoe

little moon lover said...

love the photos.. I was wondering about that place.. never seen it before..
you look awesome, that dress is really cool and your toe nails totally rock.. stay cool..

letiziabarcelona said...

love the dress, you look great ! and I adore the nail polishes on your feet too !!

Dora said...

The dress so nice.I really like the draping and the ruffles :)I also love you nail paint - it's so cute.I'd love it if you liked to follow each other.Let me know:)

Rachella said...

gorgeous. stunning boots and dress.

Emily said...

Awesome look! Love all the vintage and the colored toes!

Kate Junior said...

such a cute dress! Rocking the one shoe!

Kristen Leotsakou said...

you rock! so glad i found your blog! amazing photos <3 thank you for your sweet comment :)
following you with bloglovin!

Théa Unknown said...

Your dress is amazing :)

Théa Unknown

Anonymous said...

These photos are awesome!!!!
COmpliments, my dear!!
I'm a your new follower!
Hope you follow me back

heylila said...

haha love the boot and your toenails! great how you wear such an haute couture-like dress with your accessories and in this scenery!!!


Stiene S. said...

Wow, I love your dress! So beautiful :)
And amazing pictures! x

Jeanne-Ange said...

haha how cool that you paired those super trashy boot with the dress! And your toes really do rock yehaa :) Following you on bloglovin now :)

x jeanne

fashion westie said...

Thanks for your comment.

LOVE this location and rocking that polish. Very cool photos for a very wicked outfit- you may start a mini trend with the one shoe thing :-) Hope you get to find the other one.

lil miss Sauniya' said...

i love the dress! so vintage with the boots.. :) xo